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Lunch on a 25-Part Vegetarian Feast in Frisco

For years, a small number of Indian restaurants in the Dallas area have served thali, the wide platters carrying multiple dishes alongside flatbread or rice. The thali makes a delightful lunch: it offers a sampler collection with wide variety, it can cover a number of food groups, it often includes sweets, and it even comes with its own distinctive style of serving dishes….

Vrindavan brings style of meal to Frisco.

Thali is a traditional Indian meal served on stainless steel tray containing a main circular plate with eight small bowls. Here at Vrindavan a parade of servers carry a set of serving bowls with four different dishes. The entire thali platter is slowly filled like a peacock slowly revealing its colorful feather fan — paneer (cheese), channa (chickpeas), subji (mixed vegetables) and more in regional style sauces. There’s a traditional sequence for eating the thali, but at this point, diners should eat as they please……

A Guide to Thali at Vrindavan in Frisco, A Royal Vegetarian Experience

It was a week after we made reservations before we finally sat down for our meal at thali restaurant Vrindavan in Frisco. This is not your on-a-whim, crave-fulfilling meal you just drive to, walk in and sit down to eat, but rather one you prepare for. Reservations are a must.

Frisco restaurant featured on New York Times list of top restaurant dishes in 2022

The New York Times recently published a list of the most memorable dishes its reporters and editors ate in 2022. The list highlights 25 dishes from around the country, and two of them are from Texas restaurants.

Vrindavan, an Indian restaurant in Frisco at Preston Road and Sam Rayburn Tollway, was featured for its khichdi.